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A comprehensive patients guide. Includes information on spine specialists, diagnostic studies, anatomy, spinal disorders, non-surgical treatment, surgery, cervical spine surgery (Aesculap CCR, Blackstone Plate System, Cyclone, EBI VueLock), cervical/thoracic devices (Blackstone Ascent POCTS System, OASYS System), thoracic/lumbar/sacral devices (EBI Omega21, Xia Spinal System), thoracic/lumbar/vertebral replacement systems (EBI Ionic Spine Spacer System, Blackstone Construx PEEK VBR System, MEH4 Titanium Mesh Vertebral Body Replacement, NGage Surgical Mesh System), lumbar spine devices (Aesculap SOCON SRI, DYNESYS Spinal System, INFUSE Bone Graft/LT-CAGE, Ray TFC/UNITE), minimally invasive spine surgery (CD HORIZON SEXTANT, Lumbar Laminectomies, METRx MicroDiscectomy System, PLIF, DISC Nucleoplasty,Kyphoplasty, PathFinder), arthroplasty (BRYAN, PRESTIGE, ProDisc, CHARITE, MAVERICK), biological materials (Accell DBM100, OrthoBlast II, OsSatura TCP,Trabecular Metal Material, VITOSS, Gene Therapy), braces and fusion stimulation (EBI Pro-Fitt TLSO Back Brace, Aspen Lumbrosacral Bracing System, SpF Spinal Fusion Stimulator, Spinal-Stim Lite), physical therapy and wellness (EBIce Cold Therapy System, The Stabilizer, Orthotrac Pneumatic Decompression Vest, Tempur-Pedic Swedish Sleep Systems), and pain management (Spinal cord stimulation, EBI VueCath System).


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