Buttner-Janz, Karen - The Artificial Disc



From Amazon.com: Spine surgery is evolving much like hip surgery did 30 years ago. It is progressing away from fusion towards mobility retention. The LINK SB Charité Artificial Disc is the only motion-retaining disc replacement for which there is long-term clinical experience with thousands of the devices having been implanted. In this book, the topic of artificial disc replacement is thoroughly discussed by the inventors and top spine specialists. Key features, such as the history of the SB Charité Disc, spinal anatomy, technical background, and clinical results are presented. This provides much valuable information to spinal surgeons interested in the state of the art of this exciting treatment. The SB Charité disc replacement, used in dedicated European centers for more than 10 years, is presently creating much interest in the Americas, too. This book is a must for anyone in the field of medicine interested in the operative treatment of low back pain.


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