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Cindylou 02-28-2009 03:33 PM

My SI Joint Fusion Surgery is coming up fast!
Well, my SI Joint Fusion Surgery is coming up fast, March 9th. I cancelled the hip replacement surgery with a little trepidation, and can only hope and pray this other surgery will resolve most of my pain issues so I won't need the hip replacement...or at least not for a few years, would be nice. I am so ready to get back to living. So, yes, Dr. Stark has invited Mark to come out and observe my surgery, of course, with my approval first. And backup actually. Mark asked me himself if I would be open to him coming, and I had a resounding yes. One thing I just thought of though is: I see Dr. Stark again on Thursday, March 5th, to go over the latest Cat Scan I had done of my SI Joints. And my surgery is Monday, the 9th. Don't I have to have a complete physical before surgery? And will I have time to make an appt.?? :confused: Anyway, I better call their office on Monday and ask them about that, because when I talked to Betty (office manager) yesterday, she said I didn't have to do anything until I saw him on Thursday. (naturally, I didn't think about this, oh so important question, until the middle of the night!) I am looking forward to finally meeting Mark in person. I know so many of us have SI joint issues, and this surgery could be so critical on oh, so many levels, for alot of us. So, I think this is an important surgery for Mark to observe. Please pray it is successful and delivers me from pain.


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trkdoc714 02-28-2009 04:12 PM

Good luck on the 9th. I really hope this surgery removes your pain.

It's amazing how much collateral pain comes from our discs. Although I have multi-level DDD, varying degrees of stenosis and a hemangioma (I always think of a fuzzy coronet player when I use that term) most of the concensous points to the original problematic disc.

Best wishes,


Terry Allen Blackburn 02-28-2009 07:41 PM

I also hope this surgery is a resounding success. Good-luck CindyLou. :)

Terry Newton

fuzzy 03-01-2009 12:59 AM

I wish you the best, Cindy. I also would have no problem with having Mark scub in on the surgery.

Roblin 03-01-2009 02:04 AM

I will be praying that your SI joint fusion surgery will go well and resolve your pain issues. My best wishes for success and God bless you!

phylly 03-01-2009 03:40 AM

I wish you the best for this upcoming surgery. I hope this takes care of your pain; you have suffered enough. I also hope you have an easy recovery. Will you be able to walk after? Do you know what the recovery entails? This is happening so fast! I will be here to listen to all your news. Best wishes.

Kathy 03-01-2009 05:06 AM

Cindy Lou,
That is such great news! I can't believe it is going so fast! That is so great to get it done and be on the path to recovery. You have suffered so long, I pray this IS the answer for you! I will be praying for you and your surgeon. God Bless, Kathy

Gil Denis 03-01-2009 05:27 AM

Hi Cindy Lou:)
I wish you the best having Mark with you is wonderful.
Good Luck Be Strong.
Keep Moving Forward:)
God Bless

Maria 03-01-2009 08:22 AM

SI joint surgery
Wishing you the best possible surgical outcome/recovery with your upcoming SI joint surgery. Glad Mark will be attending the surgery as well and hopefully you can both tell us about it later from patient/advocate perspectives.

Cindylou 03-01-2009 04:15 PM

Thank-you all for the good wishes. Someone was asking about recovery. It entails 6 weeks on crutches with only toe weight bearing. Then transition to full weight bearing. I'm sure the 6 weeks is plus or minus. (knowing my body, plus) :rolleyes: 3-5 days in the hospital, with the surgery lasting 1 to 1 1/2 hours. This amount of hospital time is used to recover from the pain, but also to learn how to walk to protect the operative site from too much movement. During this recovery period I can be active for simple day to day activities, like moving around the house, but I doubt I'll be vacuuming or doing laundry with the crutches! :eek: At 12 weeks a CT scan is done to hopefully demonstrate final fusion of the site. Oh, I just pray this surgery delivers me ultimately from pain. I am so beat down by the pain, like so many of us are. I almost hate to hope for the relief, for fear of huge disappointment. (this is where the mind starts to play games) 1 week, 1 day. The countdown begins.

mmglobal 03-01-2009 06:36 PM

Cindy, I look forward to meeting you in person and to learning so much about SI issues. I spoke to Dr. Stark for about 2 hours yesterday and the more I learn about him, the more I like. He does not give a 'scar tissue' diagnosis and turf people. He believes that most of us will have a solution if we take the time and are careful and methodical with the diagnosis. We spent a lot of time talking about some very difficult cases and I have to say that the more I learn about him, the more impressed I am.

treefrog 03-02-2009 03:13 AM

Cindy-Lou, I will be looking forward to hearing more about how this procedure goes for you. I hope this will be the answer to your pain problems.

Having Mark attend during the surgery sounds like a win-win situation for both of you.

Justin 03-02-2009 09:18 PM

CL, this is exciting and I hope this procedure is fruitful in relieving your pain. You've been through hell and your "turn" of feeling well is long overdue.

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