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karimzodiak 08-30-2009 10:33 AM

L5/S1 dgenerative posterior disc protrusion,Newbie plz help!!
Hi to all members,
I'm new here,i want to know all yours opinion if its possible it will be my pleasure

I work as customer service field so i stay at my office 8 hours and transportation 3 hours i was very sportive man but since i was working 2004 i stopped playing sport and i start to have porblems at my low back

i had about 7 years of low back problems sometimes pain is too much with spasm sometimes not about 1 and half year i start to have problem in neck i cant move sometimes my neck all way to left or right,when i do it i feel little sounds of bones,also from 2 month i have strong pain in left knee but after i took some drug i feel better rarely to have pain.
Finally one of doctor here in Egypt let me did MRI at 8-Aug-2009 and the opinion of doctor of the MRI was in briefly L5/S1 dgenerative posterior disc protrusion ????!!!! doctor only give drug and say nothing :(:(:(

My question is there is any way to heal my degenerated disc to stop continue of degenerated with drug medicine,physical therapy,...... ???!!!

Sorry for my bad english and for long thread i only want to do my best to have not bad future with my back

Thanks in advance


dshobbies 08-30-2009 06:48 PM


Hi and welcome. I'm sorry you're in pain. We all know what that feels like. I'm also sorry your doctor recommended nothing for your condition. You have a herniated disc in your lowest disc. A disc is the soft flexible tissue that cushions the space between two vertabrae and provides the flexibility in your spine. It sounds like this problem has been very long term.

There are no quick fixes. Physical therapy may be an option but it often does not help at all. Drugs can mask your pain and allow you to live more normally but you run the risk of further degeneration. A discectomy, a small surgery where the extruded part of the disc is cut away, may be a possibility but also may cause further degeneration of the disc above it as well as scar tissue that may interfere with future surgeries. Then there is the very invasive artificial disc replacement for which you may or may not be a candidate. It is also a drastic first step.

I know nothing about the health care system in Egypt but if you have pain management doctors, I would recommend one as the next professional you should see. Bring your MRI with you.

You also need to get educated and understand your condition before you can understand the various remedies available. And it also sounds like you have cervical (neck) issues too. Your finances may be an issue too.

Don't worry about your English, we understand what you're trying to say. I wish you luck and please keep us updated.


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