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necknose 09-25-2006 09:28 PM

ADR Cervical Devices: Current Status
Hi Fellow ADR seekers:

As a cervie this is cervical ADR biased.

Of general interest to prospective ADR patients is the performance of ADR's currently being implanted, and the designs in the pipeline.

Getting performance statistics on any of these devices is well nye impossible.

Even getting a gloss on the upcoming device designs, some of which are listed here, is impossible.

How does a prospective ADR recipient get the most complete picture of what they're facing vis a vis potential device implantation?

Devices tracked down so far.

ADR Cervical Devices: Current Status.

Performance of:
* Advent Cervical Disc
* Prestige
* Maverick
* Mobi-C
* Prodisc-C
* NeoDisc
* Discover Cervical Disc

Info on: Lumbar-Centric:
* Dynardi Artificial Lumbar Disc
* Regan pryrocarbon artificial disk for the lumbar spine (is the Regan referred to: John Regan: of Beverly Hills/PCM?)

Ceramic technology?
Intervertebral disk tissue engineering (not GENETIC ENGINEERING)

Statistical info Re: Cervical Facet Joints Pre/Post ADR.

Are some design's better than others?

Good luck.


fortitudine 10-03-2006 01:13 AM

Good question
Hi NN,

It is nigh on impossible to find out much because there aren't many c-discs that hav beeen around long. The Prestige and ProDisc-c probably have to longest track records, but even then you'll be lucky to find much more than 2-year data.

I haven't checked the SAS6 proceddings, but you can usually get pretty up-to date stuff from the conferences. Check Mark's post on that.

I wasn't even aware of several you mentioned. Let us know if you find anything interesting. Dr. B. and Dr. Zeegers probably have among the best track records, also Lali Sekhon, formerly of Australia but now in the US (Utah???)

nopain 10-09-2006 02:56 AM

I'd like to see an area of the forum dedicated specifically to links of the Manufacturers who make these devices seperated by area of the spine.

For example: - pcm

The visitors could go and read and ask their Doctors. If the pharmaceutical industry can push the "ask your doctor about _____ " agenda on the nightly news each night, we should be able to ask our doctors about ___ ADR's and have armed ourself with enough knowledge to at least get them thinking.

Advocating change is a long road.

Billions are spent trying to cure cancer, very little is spent in comparison trying to prevent it. The same is true of Spinal problems, you would think with an 80% prevelance of back trouble in ones life that somewhere along the road in the hallowed educational halls we would be taught about posture and spinal mechanics. I didn't sluff much school but I don't recall EVER being taught about anything spinal related.

nopain 10-09-2006 03:02 AM

Dr. Sekhon is in Reno Nevada

I guess along with listings of all the manufacturers it would be nice to compile a list of Surgeons who are either experienced or participating in clinical trials along with the devices they are working with, the state/city where they practice and contact information.

It's so tough to dig this out of the web as many surgeons are NOT online.

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