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Aaron 12-03-2007 04:45 AM

Mystery of the thorasic spine
This is my first post and I am wondering if any body has had thorasic problems and what helped. I have been fighting it for two years now and I am more confused than ever. I go to the ortho and he tells me the herniation is to small to cause that amount of pain says it is coming from the arthritis throughout my thorasic, the rheumatologist says its the herniation, and the pain management doctor says the facet joint is what it has to be. Who is right? All I know is I have went above and beyond in rehab and have done everything from yoga, pilates to hundreds of dollars worth of gadgets. By noon my pain begins to feel like its taking the life out of me and just gets worse until I have no choice , but to go to bed. Thats everyday. All I do is reasearch my symptoms and there are so many different diagnosis I just don't know what to believe. I know people who have herniations twice the size of mine and are in less pain and don't do any rehab? Sorry for the long write up ,but I am driving myself crazy and just want to move forward in my treatments not stay stagnat.


3-4 mm herniation in T6-T7, foraminal tears in T5-T8, discogram positive on
T5-T7, mild foraminal narrowing due to hyper trophy, smorls nodes throughout thorasic and back that is on fire between the shoulder blades:confused:

Effexor, Neurotin, celebrex, hydrocordone

mmglobal 12-03-2007 05:01 AM


Thoracic spine problems are not common compared to lumbar and cervical. Hence, you won't find too many here or in other spine communities. Thoracic patients have congregated in their own area... you'll find one group in the yahoo egroup, "thoracic park"

Check it out.

Also, try the braintalk spinal disorders forum and search for thoracic... see what you get.

I hope to get more info for you soon... you'll be hearing from me.

auf wiedersehen


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