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Instructions for use:

The Lending Library contains books and reference material that may be of interest to people in the iSpine community. This is a work in progress, and in the weeks to come, we will be putting put more info about each item and possibly a link to purchase info for those who wish to purchase instead of borrow.

Below, you will find lists of titles in several categories. To find out more information about each title, simply click on it's link and you will go to a page with a description about it.

To borrow a book from the Lending Library: click on the click to borrow link and you will be taken to a simple form to be filled out. You will be placed next on the list to receive that book, and if the book is available, we should send it out within a few days. Either way we will contact you about the status of your request.

Discussion of each title will take place on the discussion forums. iSpine for medical items and on the NSR forum for fiction.


Available Books :

Books, non-fiction

Beattie, Melody- The Grief Club
Beattie, Melody- A Reason to Live
Beeson, William- The Impossible Miracle
Buttner-Janz, Karen- The Artificial Disc
Filler, Aaron G- Do You Really Need Back Surgery?
Mahar, Maggie- Money-Driven Medicine
Pinsky, Drew MD- When Painkillers Become Dangerous
Seppala, Marvin D. MD- Pain Free Living for Drug-Free People
SONA- Nucleus Arthroplasty Technology in Spinal Care
Stewart G. MD- Advanced Technologies to Treat Neck and Back Pain, Eidelson
Swezey, Robert L. MD (editor)- Neck Pain: Perspectives and Strategies for the New Millenium
Todd, Laurie- Fight Your Health Insurer and Win
Toft, Dr. med. Jurgen - Knee Arthritis? How to avoid an artificial knee
Wellman, Mark- Climbing Back

Books, fiction

Conference materials

International Society For The Advancement Of Spine Surgery- SAS11 Full Abstract Book
North American Spine Society- 2006 Conference Proceedings
North American Spine Society- 2005 Conference Proceedings
North American Spine Society- The Spine Journal
Spine Arthroplsty Society- 2006 Conference Proceedings












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