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Hi, I just joined forum finally & will post later, as I have an appt. now, but the short version is that I am now 6 months postop from a successful L2-S1 PLIF fusion. Thanks to my supersurgeon am almost pain-free and working on my new lifestyle/range of motion. I was not a good candidate for ADR & had mitigating financial/insurance circumstances, so I chose a surgeon stateside who does latest/newest procedures (even trialed an ADR). I am very happy with my outcome & will be glad to respond to questions about how I feel about my fusion. Bye for now.

2/2006: MRI-collapsed discs,spondylolisthesis L3-4(I), L4-5(II);DDD L2-S1;stenosis L3-S1;bulge,retrolisthesis L2-3;severe facet arthropathy,widening of joints L3-L5; degen scoliosis L4-S1;lateral lithsesis L4-5;discogenic pain;neurogenic claudication(sensory)
8/2006: PLIF L2-S1-10 titanium screws,2 rods,4 PEEK cages,BMP
2/25/07: 6 mo postop, starting PT, minor pain left sacroiliac spot, otherwise NO pain & HAPPY w/outcome

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