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great news Lisa so pleased for you and it sounds very promising for facet sufferes what a ray of hope. Will you know about the trial's conclusions to let us know? Mazzie
Major fall onto left hand/arm June o6 arm/elbow pain s
Left trapezuis pain from Jan 07 increased to extreme 07/08 Developed bilateral heel and buttock pain March 08
DDD diagnosed June o8 with kyposis and forward agulation of cervical
Diagnosed mild disc dehydration L4/5L5S1 and facet dengeneration L5S1 Facet Cyst L5S1 ADR Active C C5/6C6/7 Sept 08 reduction in pain gradually by 50-60% Buttock and heel pain remain . Meds Pregablin, Tramadol, Co Codymol, Voltarol
Retunred to work Jan 09
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