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Hi Maria

Thanks for checking in,

I am almost eight weeks out walking every day a couple of times just started to drive, still not working and no P.T. yet,

On longer on pain meds seems to be doing O.K. for now

I still have some numbness and tingling in my legs?

My hands are still numb little and ring finger will start to do test on that starting next week????


L5-S1 lam 1994
L2 to L5 DDD
L3 -L4 hern Dec 2007.
L4-L5 Annular fissure with mild central stenosis and moderate facet hypertrophy.
L2-L3 Right-sided neural foraminal narrowing at and L3-L4 related to posterolateral hypertrophic spurs and facet hypertrophy.
C3-C4 limited DDD
9 injections Depo. P.T. 13 months 5 dose packs,
Nerve Block Injections.4 ESI S1
L5-S1 foraminotomy 09
L4-L5 Microdiscectomy 09 Reherniate 4-2010
Coflex-L Implants L4 to S1
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