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I'd like to see an area of the forum dedicated specifically to links of the Manufacturers who make these devices seperated by area of the spine.

For example: - pcm

The visitors could go and read and ask their Doctors. If the pharmaceutical industry can push the "ask your doctor about _____ " agenda on the nightly news each night, we should be able to ask our doctors about ___ ADR's and have armed ourself with enough knowledge to at least get them thinking.

Advocating change is a long road.

Billions are spent trying to cure cancer, very little is spent in comparison trying to prevent it. The same is true of Spinal problems, you would think with an 80% prevelance of back trouble in ones life that somewhere along the road in the hallowed educational halls we would be taught about posture and spinal mechanics. I didn't sluff much school but I don't recall EVER being taught about anything spinal related.
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