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Default re what you're thinking

I had a percutaneous surgery on L4 back in '92. Band aide surgery, not open not big scars, supposedly less time to recover, spent in bed and so forth.

First surgery was big/open bilateral discectomy of L5S1 and partial laminectomy.

I did better with first surgery. 2nd failed miserably. Maybe it was because it was newer surgery back then and/or the surgeon sucked out too much disc, whatever...

Now I've waited 4 years since I was last authorized to have surgery. WC here in CA is doing nothing .. no ESIs no surgeries and besides that my endplates and facets are now not in shape for ADR re my OSS.

He even said this last time that I have so many levels of degeneration he wouldn't want to do anything unless he absolutely had to (which I think is the only way thru WC now I could get anything done).

So there's my story with less invasive surgery and waiting. I've done better I must admit with ESIs, drugs and so forth tho I doubt I can withdraw off the drugs and have any semblence of relief and now I guess there isn't much I can do about my spine options or at least here in the good ol' USA unless I plan on paying for whatever surgery recommended.

Funny.. what I was trying to avoid would probaby be my only option now and that's multi level fusion. Not really funny. Crappy spines suck. I believe now there is more than likely an optimal time for the right procedure for the right patient with the right doctor. Even then one must realize there are no guarantees. We have to take the leap of faith so to speak when timing is right. Each person figures that out for his or herself.

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