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Question Any success with United Health Care covering Cervical ADR in/out of US?

Has anyone been approved for ADR coverage through UHC within US or in Germany? I've been denied within US as of now, but haven"t yet applied for refund of cost if I elect to go to Dr. Bertanolli in Germany. My doctor says he does not recommend a 3rd cervical fusion (C4-5) due to his projection of the rate of degeneration of C3-4 if atop a 3rd fusion. My C5-6, & C6-7 fusions are 14 years old. I am going for consult for Cervical Spinal Cord Stimulator this week to try to get some relief to 'buy' time and reduce amount of pain meds. Please respond if you've had experience with insurance coverage.... either US or abroad OR had experience with Spinal Cord Stim. Thank you. Thank you Justin for providing this opportunity. I hope good health to all!
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