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Good idea, nopain; At first, when I found the spiny forums I was scared and worried, and I was frustrated when lumbies gave me useless answers to my cervie questions( but I knew they were well-meaning).

At the same time, there are a lot of I'm not sure if we would miss out on issues by separating the two groups. For example, pain management, issues around the design of artificial discs and other technologies, vertebroplasty, etc.

It is possible that many spinies, newbies in particular, don't realize that the neck and lower back present all sorts of different challenges.I know I have come a thousand miles in my understanding of the whole spine by reading all posts.

Perhaps we just need a note on the home page asking if people would just please read and note whether the discussion is cervical or lumbar, and tailor their response appropriately.

After all, Mark and Poncho are lumbies and I wouldn't want to miss their posts -or most others, for that matter!
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