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Default Dekkers needed to go out of business

He got in trouble for sexual harrassment on one of his nurses. His ego is out of control. I got the inside dope. Don't ask me how. He is an extremely skilled surgeon tho and I liked him personally. But it seems his sex drive drove him out of the building. it was real weird. He worked with Hoogland and Zeegers and was their partner. Then he "separated" into the office upstairs and started a feud that lasted for years which really caused a lot of confusion for patients wondering who was working where and all that. Then he got into legal trouble and now I guess he's out of the building for good. It's good too coz Zeegers is a great man and doesn't deserve having an enemy working right above him upstairs.
Spinal Stenosis from L1-L5
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I need artificial disc replacement in the neck but insurance won't cover ADR, only covers fusion. I'm changing insurance companies.

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