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It's been 16 months since my successful two level ADR surgery by Dr. Ritter-Lang at Stenum Hospital.

Dr. John Burkus of the Hughston Clinic released me completely at the first of March.

I have nearly no lingering issues other than faint pain similar to the pre-operative pain I experienced. This only occurs after heavy exertion and doesn't last longer than a few hours.

I'm able to work the 10 hour days without any discomfort or pain. My energy level is back to where it was before this ordeal began.

I wanted to express my appreciation to all of those that gave me positive advice and encouragement from this forum.

04/06 L5/S1 Rupture
05/06 MRI shows DDD @ L2-S1
06/06 Diskectomy/ Laminotomy L5/S1
04/07 Recurrent Disc Surgery L5/S1
3 Ortho and 1 Neuro Surgeon, 3 MRIs, 1 EGM, 1 Myleogram & 11 EDIs later:
03/27/09 Maverick ADR at L4/L5 & L5/S1
03/27/09 The Lord and Dr. Ritter-Lang returned my life to me.
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