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Thanks for the detailed reply and first hand feedback. I'd still be interested to know if there is anything in particular that these more experienced surgeons do that helps to prevent HO.

It must also have been/be a problem with other joint replacements (hips, knees) so you'd think there'd be already be a fair bit of information about the nature of the process that occurs, and the types of measures that can be done to prevent it.

I guess the more conservative fusion surgeons would be liking seeing this sort of research to justify holding off on ADR which is unfortunate. On the other hand I'm hoping the developers of the prosthetics will be open about the realities of these problems if they do in fact exist, and put active research into ways of preventing it.

snowboarding injury 1997 landed on head, some subluxation of cervical vertebrae no surgery, some ongoing neck and shoulder pain but bearable.

surfing injury 2004 - transient paralysis from neck down for 15 seconds, resolved fully - herniated c5/c6 disc plus some bulging at c3/4/5. Initially had dermatome pain after injury which resolved - general parasthesia in arms/legs was fairly mild after injury but has been worsening.

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