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thanks - I should probably add that I'm not trying to be deliberately difficult by raising the topic - I want this technology to work as much as anyone and think that we're all lucky to have the options available today that we do.
(and wish they were available a little closer to home from my own perspective but thats another story).

There are also known problems with fusion so even if there are some problems with ADR they still need to be compared contextually to the problems with fusion. (e.g. with fusions there are problems with the anterior plates that don't occur with ADR because there's no plating, problems with hip graft site for autograft fusions that don't occur with ADR etc.).

Sahuaro my laymans understanding is that the milling for the bryan is much more extensive than for the other discs (prestige and prodisc). As I understand it, with the other discs they use a tool to cut a relatively small slot(s) for the disc to lock into, while with the bryan they gouge/drill out a fairly large hollow that the ends of the disc fit into.

snowboarding injury 1997 landed on head, some subluxation of cervical vertebrae no surgery, some ongoing neck and shoulder pain but bearable.

surfing injury 2004 - transient paralysis from neck down for 15 seconds, resolved fully - herniated c5/c6 disc plus some bulging at c3/4/5. Initially had dermatome pain after injury which resolved - general parasthesia in arms/legs was fairly mild after injury but has been worsening.
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