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Hucky - whenever I try to ring to ask any question of a specialist about anything I get knocked back by their receptionists who say I have to make an appointment to speak to them ... maybe I'm doing it wrong.

I was told its politics and also told that they aren't allowed to do them by one of the nurses but I'm thinking that might be incorrect - they can do them if you pay. But it does look like its just politics.

And yes I agree about what you're saying re going overseas if the cost is basically going to be the same.
snowboarding injury 1997 landed on head, some subluxation of cervical vertebrae no surgery, some ongoing neck and shoulder pain but bearable.

surfing injury 2004 - transient paralysis from neck down for 15 seconds, resolved fully - herniated c5/c6 disc plus some bulging at c3/4/5. Initially had dermatome pain after injury which resolved - general parasthesia in arms/legs was fairly mild after injury but has been worsening.
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