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I know you've been to see some NS - so, just ask the receptionist (dragon lady ) to pass on the message to ring you back. When she asks what it is about, just say you have some more questions that you forgot to ask last time you were there. If you've already seen them, and you are now one of their patients, then they are obliged to ring you back.

Dr K. did for me, when I asked a question for someone over in the US. His receptionist is a real dragon !! (must be a pre-requisite for the job )

MVA April 2003 - Whiplash
C6/7, MRI shows large right paracentral disc protrusion with extension centrally. Mild compression of cervical cord and obscuring the neural foramen and exiting nerve root. No uncinate process hypertrophy no facet joint degeneration. no left neural foramina narrowing.
1200mg of Neurontin.

In the last 3 years have seen 1 gen surg, 2 neurosurg and 1 ortho surg. All rec fusion, only 1 recommends ADR or fusion.

Have been off Neurontin since Nov 2006
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