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Default I am new at this....

Hello, I can not tell you how I happened upon this site. (But I am very glad that I did!)
I do not know what "level" I have an issue with exactly, but I have gone through the full spectrum of Chiropractor/Orthopedic/Physical Therapy/Injections/Acupuncture for over a year now with no relief. I went to a reputable doctor in Columbian Presbyterian who expressed to me that I am an ideal candidate for an artificial disc replacement; he referred me to Dr Bitan. I am seeing Dr. Bitan tomorrow- and quite frankly I am overwhelmed. I do not know where to begin with all of my questions and concerns.
What about internal organs, veins etc., during and after surgery? What if I want to have children? Will I be able to shovel snow, lift 20lbs? How painful is a discogram? What are the long term outcomes for this? What happens if this disc slips out of place- will I become paralized? (As you can see I am in panic mode.) If anyone can help with these concerns I would really appreciate it. My problem area is L4-L5-S1, I have numbness to the right knee and sometimes to the ankle. The only way I can describe my pain - is like some one has hit me inthe back with a bat.
Thanks for reading ~ Imkath
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