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Default In my case

I was Worker's Compensation for my low back so I had to have my Nurse Case Manager call the office back after I made the initial call and they had to get the records to the office and then the office would decide if they would see me (this was in CA). I had no problems in CA being seen or switching doctors.

Then I moved to Florida for a year and a half. Before I moved I called numerous PM offices and they all said what you were told "send your records" and I had bought a house in Fla as my Mom was sick at the time and was moving never daring to think it would be a problem to obtain PM care out of state. Out of 200 offices only one PM in Tampa would see me with my CA Worker's Comp and all the rest said "no" many after I sent my records in or my Nurse Case Manager did as they "didn't take CA WC" was the big message.

Eventually the PM in Tampa tried to manipulate me into doing whatever he wanted re PM because he knew no one else would see me and even made a comment to that effect. Fortunately my husband had gotten a new job back in CA so we moved back.

When I returned I just called a PM in San Diego that I wanted to see and his office asked that my Nurse Case Manager call and everything was set up after that. So don't know if your insurance has anything to do with it or if perhaps it might be a good idea to get a referral from your Primary Treating doctor (Primary Care or Orthopedic or Neurologist or Neurosurgeon).

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