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Thanks for the suggestions! I really like the idea of a cervical forum. There are cervical issues that get lost in the lumbar rush. Many of us have both cervical and lumbar issues. Also, many of the issues that are relevant for the lumbar spine are relevant for cervical too. Many of the device issues overlap as well.

At NASS, the most interesting paper presented was one on tandem pathology, both cervical and lumbar, and the interplay between the two. I have been speaking about this to Dr. Zeegers for months, since a few unique cases that I'll be writing more on later. We just spoke today, and he's even more convinced about the interplay and the ability for c-spine problems to mimic lumbar issues in the presence of tandem pathology. Again, I'll write more later.

For now, I'll keep the forums as they are... just spine and not spine. That will keep the moderation issues down and will also keep everyone from having to worry about where they post. If things get too big for one forum and we need to separate, we'll cross that bridge when when we get there, with more knowledge about the issues and how to deal with them more effectively.

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