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Angry Legal Consequence to Failed Neck Surgery/ Industrial.

I had "Experimental Cervical Laminoplasty Surgery". "C5-6, C4-5, C3-4" Disc Herniations, Stenosis and Kyphosis and Spur's!!! Did not "Cure or Releave", not any of My both hands, Arms, Shoulders, Both Wrists, and Severe Neck Pain and Rotation!!! They Told Me that I had to Leave out of Hospital after "3-4" Days, still in the Same Excruciation Pain that I Came in There with. The Neurosurgeon gave Me a Copy of the "Surgery Report and told Me to Have No More Neck Surgeries and File for Social Security Disability. He Co-ersed this New Experimental Surgery on Me that He did not have any Picture's, Brochure's, and not Anything on His Website about he perform "Laminoplasty Surgery". He told Me that it would be a "Cut and a Hinge". I awoke next Morning to a "12" Ugly Cut from the Base of my Neck to Middle Back!!! Now the Prostigious Teaching Hospital, neither the NeuroSurgeon will Talk or Help Me "Post Opt". The Screws or Pointing and Pressing Directly against My "Spinal Cord". I can not Sleep for up to "3 to 5 Days", for awhile now. I have fallen Down Backward asleep Flat on my Back and has Re-Injured My Neck Even Worsre. My PTP will not order another "MRI"!!! Both hands, Arms, Shoulders, Both Wrists and Neck Severely Pain. Even Legs and Ankles going Numb and Tingly. Now the Lunesta want Work Anymore!!!!!! Now My Attorney is trying to Settle My Case Unethnically. Who Can I Talk To??????????????????????

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