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Default re more surgery

I do feel as Dale does re another back surgery/or surgery and I don't know that I would undergo another one so soon after any other surgery then again my last spine surgery was in '92 and I went until about 2005/2006 still contemplating more surgery/getting set up for more spine surgery and then finally feeling better enough that I'm satisfied w/the meds and how I function.

That isn't to say I rule out future surgeries as something might give and I feel that would be the right option for me as well so I guess that's where you're at right now and since you are there (mentally/physically) I really hope your surgery works out as you desire and the best possible outcome occurs!

I've been walking and exercising a bit more and the exercise seems to cause a bit of a stir down there as I can tell when I sit and get up my back is saying "thank you very very much!!!" How I wish I could sit and sit... oh well, I'm glad for what I can do now as it's an improvement over where I was when I wanted surgery.

And I guess that's what you're hoping for too .. improvement! Go girl!!
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