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Default re beach

Not today. I was at the doctor's in the afternoon for 2 hours and then at the lab and just got home. That wiped me out! I was thinking I had a flare up of Interstitial Cystitis but it may be more than that so hence the labs. I'm supposed to leave for SD either tomorrow or within the next few days. I don't drive the freeway so will take the train if I can get a ride to the station as I can't stand to use the BRs on the bus (which is far closer to me, easier and cheaper to take but right now I don't thing I can hang with a two hour bus ride).

And it's not even about my back this time! Wow! As I always say.. if it ain't one thing it's another

Yes I'd be concerned with the degree of weakness you're having as well. I do hope that improves greatly after your surgery.

If you went to the beach today I hope you had a GREAT time! Wish I could have gotten to the last beach feet have been doing real well of late and I've been able to walk quite a bit. My back has been absolutely wonderful re walking~ seems to love it!

Ok sure am hoping you have a good upcoming weekend before your surgery!
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