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Thanks for your nice post. Information on the Internet can become dated. You'll see that the information set up in this thread was set up in early 2008, before the upheaval at the AK occurred.

Many of the former former AK employees still work at ATOS Munich. Dr. Baumbach still sees patients in his office across from the ATOS clinic.

I agree with you about the BetaKlinik. IMHO, the BetaKlinik in Bonn has become the finest diagnostic center that I know of and is absolutely state of the art in spine. Dr. Zeegers has landed there. Dr. Hoogland does some surgery there and uses their facilities as a training center. This makes the doctors at the BK extraordinarily skilled and experienced with the MaxMore equipment and techniques. But I'm not sure I'd call the BK an incarnation of the AK.

So, I'll leave this information here for anyone who will be spending time in the area around Arabella Park. Some people may find this useful.
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