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Default welcome home Judy!

Hey Judy~ Welcome Home! Bet you're so glad to be going there and back to the comfort of your own bed and everything else.
Diarrhea.. well thankfully everything is moving at least! Hope the nerve pain gets quieted and you'll be feeling better soon. Looking forward to hearing more whenever you're up to it.

Now I must pull myself away from the computer chair at dh's as I sat entirely too much yesterday (nearly all day off and on) and seems like I'm repeating that behavior already and then tomorrow when I have the wedding and reception to go to here in SD I'll likely not be able to tolerate sitting so much!

So pulling myself off the computer at this time (at least this one/desktop) and soon to head over to laptop in the comfort of dh's big new super firm/comfortable mattress/bed while he's at work! Or out the door to walk.. yes, that's what I have to do.

take care of yourself Judy and catch us when you're feeling better
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