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I had read in a post in the past about someone who could not sit down. That is me on and off. This nerve pain is jumping from one butt cheek to the other, to the right thigh and side of my left leg. I get relief in some really uncomfortable positions, if this makes any sense.
I must get the details of what was done when I am at my surgeon's office. He came by twice yesterday at the hospital , but there were other people in my room (hospital staff) and they were anything but quiet.
I did not get home until 9:30. A primary care doc came in and saw my hemoglobin /hematocrit was too low to go home so i stayed all day getting transfused. Then the nurse took really forever to get the paperwork together and then, my daughter had left the lights on in my car and the battery was dead.
Before we knew this , the nurse decided she would walk me to the lobby instead of waiting for a wheelchair. That walk was all I could take, then i ended up walking to the car in the parking garage to help Jamie get a security guard to help. WE first called for the boys at home to come and rescue me , but they had started drinking, my dear husband had turned his phone off to enjoy his dinner uninterrupted (good one ha) Think that was the last he will hear of that one?
Anyway the shower today was wonderful , finally. I have a probably 10 inch long incision in my spine, thoracic 7 thru lumbar 4 now. My surgeon did tell me there were some loose screws probably causing lots of the previous pain. He also straightened me out a little more, i'll have to see if i regained any lost height. I'll have to find out if he reinstrumented or what the heck is left in me!!!! He will give me more shots on Tuesday or Wednesday if the inflammation has not cleared up enough yet.
byye for now

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