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Default re steroidal relief

Something else I thought I'd mention is that my body has been fooled by the relief that the steroid injections give and my energy level is bolstered so that it's tough for me to sit still until I've near worn myself out~ at times what has followed on the heels of that activity level has been quite an aggravation of my spine symptoms.

So because you've so recently had surgery you have to make sure that you realize what your limitations "should be" at least temporarily.

Like Dale I'd just let everybody know you have to rest and recover and could they please pick up the slack in the meantime. Sounds like you've had enough surgeries that the family probably knows what to do though I have the feeling you may have felt pretty good so were up and about more than you should have been.

Steroid injections definately mess w/my head a bit the first week or so so not only do react w/increased energy levels also with increased agitation or irritability and my patience for anything is very abbreviated so I too would literally "jump" on clean up and getting things done if my spine symptoms were muted.

Guess what?? The ESIs really worked wonderfully to alleviate some of my neck pain and definately even my knee pain besides my back pain (as does lidocaine when I get dental work!)!

So I'm hoping you've been able to lay yourself to rest a bit and that your spine is doing well and your hip and those pesky nerve pain that was bothering you just the other day!
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