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Default back on this thread

Thanks for reminding me re hijacking the other thread. Hope this morning finds you feeling Ok and/or better. I wonder if also because your lungs are more functional you just have more energy now as well.

Re your class.. are you able to sit this soon after your fusion or spine surgery? Is it a 3 hour class? Did you make it or will you make it to class?

If you don't make it this trimester or semester can you make it up soon?

I'm hoping to be able to volunteer in a hospital or clinic setting after I buy my condo/or am more situated. For now I come and go between LA county and SD county and feel like a nomad!

If I have enough energy and ability (really more my feet than back at this point) I'd ilke to volunteer in an animal shelter too.

Ok hope your nerve pain is dying down and you're progressing well despite some of the stuff that's going on at home.
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