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Default hmm..

Sorry to hear your spouse had a change of heart/mind tho if it's where he was going mentally it's probably best his body followed. Sounds like he's in a world of emotional turmoil and has pitched the rest of the family full force into it. I do hope if he cannot be a good spouse he can be a good father and/or be as financially responsible as he's supposed to be.

I am amazed that you can even force yourself to sit as long as you are~ amazed! I haven't been able to sit that long since after my first back surgery and then after L4 went and esp. after my failed discectomy on L4 sitting has been the worst activity for me. It has improved since L5S1 autofused but not that much!

Yeah I know all about sitting on my hands, shifting weight, and every other moved designed to look like I'm actually sitting but more probably am more in motion than when I'm walking!

You're to be commended for your persistance even tho I question how much you should be doing this soon post op I do admire that you're trying so.

I don't know what would give you pain that shifts from one side to the other.. I had that but I hadn't had any fusion so was told it was either the disc material leaking out on both sides or a paracentral bulge. Most of my symptoms that used to be so strong have resolved with the autofusion of L5S1 tho L4 is still problematic to a degree so I do have pain with prolonged sitting esp. and sometimes if I'm too active I have pain (and probably w/o my pain medication I'd have much more pain).

Am interested to hear what you've had done "in there" as well if you feel like sharing.

BTW I'll be back in LA county next weekend so maybe we can meet in person one of these days. I promise not to overdo anything prior to planned meet up so that I'll actually make it. Again it's not my back that seems to mess w/me as much as my feet these days.
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