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Default Actually

Your husband's whole manner of handling this so far based on what you've written appears pretty immature.

Yes I believe uncontested divorces in CA are pretty inexpensive as long as no property or dividing of assets are involved. Where children (child support and alimony is involved I have no idea).

When I was contemplating divorce it was going to be about $150 to file in the courthouse and I think $350 total or maybe less. I never went thru with it but we didn't have anything to divide up at all so it would have been a very simple divorce. My husband had told me since I wanted it I could pay for it.

I hate to read that you're worried about expenses and you're having more emotional "stuff" put on your plate than you need at this time. I doubt I could have stayed still for a second if I had been going thru what you did post op. I get super anxious energy when I'm under stress and am more active than I'd normally be even when I feel good.

I do hope you'll start feeling better soon Judy tho please try to do less~Ok?
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