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Jeff continues to be immature, he had the oldest meet him tonight and he would not drive down our street, he had him walk to the next block, he won't talk to me , answer texts or come over. I need answers about money the rent is due tomorrow. He has mail here and his stuff. He told Randy he wants to remain separate from me. He told my second oldest he wants to meet with her and she was not to tell me or any of her siblings. What's up with that? he is just being so weird.
Might not be as simple of a divorce as i had hoped. We really have nothing to divide, but alimony is a must . I read that because we have been married 28 years he would need to pay me for at least 14 years. I should get myself set by then. Of course i don't know how much that would be.

I am trying to do a bit less. I am sitting in bed more. I did for a few hours today and my back was hurting less when i got up. It is hard to sit still as you said, i seem to have the nervous energy and don't know what to do with myself. I know tomorrow i will wash the kitchen floor. That is pretty easy with a mop.
My youngest finally got him to answer her text by telling him he had abandoned her after she looked up the laws!!
well better go and get in pj's now,
thanks for the email and info that you know

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