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Default sure thing

Will let you know when I've returned and see what would work out best for us to meet. I'm more concerned with your ability to go anywhere and I so wish I drove the freeway so I could visit you but I stopped that long ago. While I can sit longer I don't try to sit long enough to drive over about a half hour or so. Sure do wish I could be more helpful to you.

I will tell you this and that is when I was contemplating divorce I had a free consultation. I have known people that did this and never got a divorce (like myself to date) so I'm sure you could find someone willing to see you just for the consultation. At least you get an idea of getting together what you would need and could do it before perhaps your husband removes it or whatever.

Again please feel free to call and/or email me should you prefer to take this off the forum more in depth. I can't remember if I gave you my email or not?

take care Judy.
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