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Hi guys ,
i tried to get my youngest into counseling last year when she was having so many problems getting to school. she refused to go . she said if i carried her (she said i couldn't with my back) that she would just sit there and say absolutely nothing. She needs this kind of home schooling program aS she has many credits to catch up on so she can go back to the regular high school for her senior year next year. I think we will be ok and i swear i will do her notebook work if she doesn't just so its done. It is a supervised program and she meets with her school teacher for 2 hours each week and has a minumum amount of work that has to be turned in (2 workbooks in any subject) so it is not just all on me.
Jeff started going to counseling this year so i think that is why she is so against it.
Jeff has met with 2 of them , the youngest very briefly. she asked him why he left and he told her he couldn't explain it , she started crying so he took her near home and dropped her off. He has not said anything about being there for them and seeing he picks and chooses when he will answer their calls (only 2 out of 4 are actually calling him) they don't feel he is there for them. My daughter even mentioned she could have been having an emergency when she called and he choose not to answer.
It is impossible to tell them he did not leave because of them but in the past 6 months he has had nothing positive to say about the 3 of them. only hasn't trashed my 22 year old . The other ones he really hurt me talking so bad about them. I honestly think he just left all of us.
I thought about counseling for me , i used to go and have a wonderful therapist. I'm just not sure.
I haven't heard anything from anyone about a good attorney so i have no idea how to pick one, any suggestions?
The kids will do all the cleaning, like i said i just get antsy and make sure i do no bending or lifting . The kids use a lot of disposable plates so the dishwashing is minimal and they would have no problem doing it.When jeff was here the boys shared the duty as he used quite a lot of dishes every night and stopped cleaning up after himself around December. He would create a mess and just call my oldest to clean it all up.
WEll l could go on forever here, thanks for listening.
Maria you can say all you want i am such an easy going person i would never take it the wrong way. I love all the comments i can get.
thanks again Dale and Maria

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