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Default attorneys

I think you just need to call a few or call a woman's center and have them refer you. I just started making phone calls out of the phone book when I was looking.

re counseling I can imagine how your daughter might feel. I'd probably do the same thing. The difference is my father probably would have forced me to go and I don't think my mother would have had the same "influence" on me. Dad was the super disciplinarian in my youthful days (just wait until your father gets home..)

Glad you're not offended by what I'm saying as I mean well woman to woman and person to person. Not liking what I read but try to be fair in terms of what I state/write.

I know there was a time when I felt my father didn't like me (when I was a teen/younger) just because I know I also was rebellious and did things that were definately not approved and he was strict (I used to tell my mother to divorce him). How stupid of me as he was a great father, very loving and an excellent parent and husband. Youth.. we get so many things wrong but it does sound like your kids feel the distance your husband puts between them.

Sorry to read's very sad I think. Please do get on calling attorney offices next week. You're bound to hit upon a referral if you do enough calling and/or checking out women's services as well (even battered womens shelters and such as I wouldn't say you've been beaten but emotional abuse is a sort of trauma as well).

Hope you got the rent $ from your joint acct! take care~
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