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Great Idea to call Women's shelters and services. I was on websites last night and found one which lists who does free consults. While i was at it i texted one my story of my lung (condensed version) so i'll see if they think i have a case. I was rejected by a few that i called initially. but now i have the proof that the nerve was damaged and it is a permanent loss. I am desperate now to make sure the kids and me have money. Both boys have said i could live with them and so had my daughter in law to be. They are all so sweet.
I told you my husband won't come near this place or me. Well i just got up to him in the porch getting his bikes. He hadn't seen that i was up and actually went into the bathroom with a giant trash bag to collect some of his stuff (not enough)He saw me in the kitchen and acted like i didn't exist. Nice and mature.

Hey i just typed about this without crying. That is a first. The more of his stuff he takes the happier I am , it is everywhere. Wish he would take it all and put it in storage. He has a garage full. He did deposit all his outstanding paychecks and hopefully pay the rent , although my landlords live in the house behind me and after i told them, they said they where not worried about the rent right now, just about me and the kids. They are really nice. It is the women's father that actually owns the property , but he lives in Arizona. He will be here visiting in a week, wait until he and his wife here this news. My neighbor also said he is going to call Jeff when he figures out what he is going to say.
Jeff went to his aunts house in Los Angeles the other day when he was picking up Becka's computer. she emailed and told me he asked her for advice. Like what kind? That is all she told me. She said the only thing she could tell him is to be sure he keeps paying our bills. He told her he would. I just hate the insecurity of not knowing. Not sure i can trust him after him leaving. Certainly not the man i married.

The left leg pain has gotten a little better with time. It used to be so very painful to get out of bed, now it is just painful! It still hurts to sit on that butt cheek and if i am on my feet too much, i really do better with a cane. Maybe the next set of injections in 3 weeks will really do the trick and get me well on the road to recovery. I actually did NO house work or anything else bad yesterday. I still want to wash the kitchen floors. Last time i had the youngest do it. It is pretty clean as Jeff is the one who spills and never cleaned after. well i am falling asleep and am hoping if i lay down that I can sleep.

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