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thank you for not being defensive and accepting what Dale and I are trying to impart. We want to help you. I know I cannot help to some degree because of my own weaknesses but I can help w/my vision, my clarity, and what I want for any other woman that is going what you going thru. I feel mmore closely to you because of the age,the spinal component and the fact you do have a family and children that are being hurt (not just you). So you are the mother tiger.. you are the protector of all...

Thanks Dale re backing me up~ appreciate that. Glad to hear I'm making some good calls. I worked in Women's health care for a long time and have seen many a situation .. and Judy, yours is one that I'd like to see going a bit differently (re your husband's response). But that might be asking too much of him right now. I can say what I think he should be doing but truly I'm not taking his own emotional plight into consideration. Like I said I don't know that there's not more to this picture than presents. Where is his head at.. oh well that's one that you may know far more about.

The idea is to protect the children and the mother of the children and that is where I feel most strongly for you. So if it appears that I'm rather bashing your husband it's not that... it's what I would have recommended professionally when I was working as an NP in women's health care. I saw so much that I thought was wrong, injustice.. and I think that's how Jeff is treating you now.

But again I only know your side and what you say and I'm reacting to that. Stand firm~ you're doing good. There will be those moments of tears and wondering if you're doing the right thing but just remember your kids and what you want for them besides yourself.
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