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Default I'm home!

Judy and Mark,
I'm back in Long Beach now so can meet pretty much whenever (probably after this week actually as gotta get my hair done, going to wedding renewal vows next weekend) blahblahblah...

Mark thanks for the light moment there! If I were Judy I'd definately go with the spitting and repetative phrase as well as the western style divorce!

Judy, I really think the cost would depend on whats involved tho I think it's anywhere between $3000 and $7000 depending on the situation/assets to be divided (the more complicated the more expensive).

California as you know is a community property state which is a bit different than Fla. tho I believe it's essentially the same thing (forgot what it's called in Fla). However when you say you have a home in Florida that is yours I hope you either had it before you married your husband or you have a quit claim signed on the property that it is completely free and clear "yours."

Even that might be questionable re the divorce so best to just getting some consultations down (freebies). At least you'd find out the cost thru the consultations and I would definately have several freebie consultations unless you get an incredible referral that for which you can pay.

It'd be good to see you and Mark in the near future!
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