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Default your neck

Sorry to read about your neck and possibility of more surgery. My father had severe kyphosis due to his osteoporosis and the last few years he could hardly hold his head up. It was very difficult for him. also his shoulders hunched quite a bit and his stance was with his pelvis thrust forward so he had an S like posture or perhaps Z .. anyway, severe deformity. He was a tall slender man thru most of his years but after getting kidney stones would not drink or eat near anything w/known calcium in it as he thought he was supposed to follow that diet for his lifetime (so much for following up with doctors which he didn't do until forced to when he was in his later 70's).

I was diagnosed with osteoporosis a few years back and did take some medication for it (injectable) Forteo but didn't take it the full course as it had such a plastic like smell it made me nauseated.. I've not yet seen the Rheumatologist that was following me for my BMD for last year's f/u so need to do that. Not like I want to take anything else tho but don't want to have as severe osteoporosis as my Dad (my Mom had it too and brother has it as well).

Ok 'nuff on that. Good luck w/attorney consultation. Wearing your neck brace sounds good and then if there's time to mention your medical/surgical events of late~ can't imagine someone not cutting you some slack $ wise.

Hope the sleep/rest will give you more energy tho not the nervous gotta do physical stuff kind. Hope to C U soon!
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