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Default the shark

Part of the attorney's reputation is supposed to come in handy when he's being a shark on your behalf not towards you! So hopefully the one you'll consult with will be nice to you and a shark on your behalf that is if it's a viable situation money wise. If not I hope you get an excellent 30 minute consultation in or he gives you another 30 for free.

One never knows.. I consulted with a Real Estate attorney a few months back and he was free for the intial meeting and was supposed to charge after that and I saw him 2 more times/spoke with him on the phone and he answered a few email questions for me and even tho I offered to pay for his services he said he wasn't going to charge me. Nice younger fellow. He told me I should move to the Belmont Shore neighborhood over here in my city and get out of the downtown area (re safety) even tho his office is in downtown tho has a beautiful view of the harbor (in a great building on Ocean Ave).

So there are some nice lawyers out there and I do hope this one will be nice to you even tho we tend to think they're mostly reptilian in nature!

I'd have a few choice words for your dh if he was mine. He'd never come home if he was my dh for all the *nice(not)* things I'd be saying to him. However since you're trying to at least just get business matters tended to guess you have to as nice as you're able to muster about it all. Yuck. I just hate when people shrug their duties/responsibilities no matter what their feelings. I'd want to divorce and take him to court just for that! Too bad you can't get Judge Judy to jump on his case!

My hair BTW isn't as horrific as I thought but needs the help of a professional every so often so thankfully I can see my hairdresser on Weds. I worry about the day I'm not going to able to afford a hairdresser.. don't have that nice straight hair that would look good going grey!

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