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Default burning foot

Hey Dale I'm having rt. foot issues. Bunion bugging me quite a bit, last two toes are sort of swollen and reddened at times and the burning of the sole of this foot sort of drives me mad when walking and wearing tennies as it's been so danged hot yesterday and today. I really could hardly walk yesterday for foot symptoms.

Today is better tho I wore sandels to my hair appt and not closed toe shoes as this right foot is just not happy right now re heat. Actually even left foot is itching and burning a bit.

Judy.. are you able to have a teeny bit of wine? When I'm super tired and can't sleep if I have a little bit of wine that usually puts me right off to sleep and if I'm really tired I can actually sleep. If not the wine bothers me more than helps. I know you have a few additional health concerns so am just wondering.
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