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Hi Maria i was looking at the weather for next week, seems like tuesday will be a good beach day, i am a beach lover and live too far away. Tuesday works for me , how about you and we will have to post it and ask Mark too.
I don't remember if i posted about yesterday's attorney experience. He was almost useless, spent the free 30 minutes talking about himself. Actually first 45 minutes so he didn't charge me for his time talking. Only $100 for the last 15 minutes, he took forever to answer a question., Seemed he didn't take me seriously as i was all about how long it takes and how much does it cost!! Only found out the least retainer he takes is $7500 and he said people usually end up owing him money after that. Won't be going to him , he talks to much for a simple question $$$ didn't learn too much either.

Today's firm has emailed and asked me to bring in tax forms, pay check stubs, any other monetary investments. So i think they seem like they would give more answers. I need to collect as much as i can find around here.

Oh and Jeff emailed me back that we can meet tonight after me emailing him about attorneys!!! Guess i scared him ,he must know he would have to pay for mine too. I'll have lots to report tomorrow.
Saw my gastro doc yesterday, i have been having symptoms related to stress. I told him about Jeff (he also has 4 kids) he understands the stress of dealing with 4 kids together married. So what does he tell me , to lower my stress. Nice one. Used to do it through running. Can't run since 08 and my hip replacement. I used to go hiking up far, can't do that, i can't even barely make it around the block!!!!
I am now going to search for financial info and write down what i can't find.

2007 ACDF 4-7
2008 hip , knee scope, hip replacement
2009 thoracic T-5 thru T-11fusion
2009 VATS T7-8, posterior only T11-12. removal of thoracic hard wear
2010 lung surgery
2010 T2-L2 kyphosis correction
2010 Kyphoplasty T-3, T-4
2011 Cervical osteotomy ,revision C4-T5
2011 Foot surgery
2011 Revision fusion T7 thru L4/laminectomy
2012 Hammertoe correction left foot
2012 Revision fusion T-12 thru L5
2012 Revision fusion L4-L5
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