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Default re Tues

I'm not sure I can make it Tues as I am sort of behind on getting things done around here because of the heat and my feet acting up these last few days which seems to happen whenever it's too hot or ?? (whatever). I have a busy weekend is the reason I'm not sure I can make it Tues as normally I could push things to the weekend (tho no parking here in front of apt. on weekends so impossible to carry stuff upstairs or a block away from my parking space).

If Monday isn't too late to let you know we can leave it like that tho if Mark needs more notice then maybe we can make it either later in the week or the following week.

Heard from the Real Estate agent this morning that the property I put an offer on in Point Loma SD got several offers so seller is going to counter back asking about $8000 more than I offered. It's a Probate property and the owner died in it and it needs work (not loads thats obvious to the eye tho enough) so I can only offer so much. So will see how that goes. I'll probably counter the counter with a certain amt. and/or seller pays closing costs or part of ... ?? not sure. Would love to get the place tho have to be practical/realistic on what I can afford.

re the divorce attorney: Hope the next consultation with a divorce attorney goes better and it probably will since they're already telling you what to bring.

Since your husband wanted to leave Judy it may be that he's actually going to be glad you've decided to get an attorney (meaning you're not fighting the divorce except to perhaps get what you need/want) and will agree to paying fully for the divorce. Of course another tactic re payment is to use is say you won't divorce him unless he pays or maybe just get a legal seperation and that way he would still have to pay your healthcare benefits if you've got them with his employer as well asking for some sort of monthly payment/support (like to pay for food/shelter/etc) for you and your children. Or maybe your husband realizes he's probably going to end up paying for it anyway and will be OK. Hopefully your talk w/him will go well. Good luck.

Too bad that other attorney was so full of himself and didn't really give you information you needed!

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