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Default re the attorney

Good going re 2nd attorney and information gathered. Re the GF.. I guessed that because it sounded that way from his absenses, his actions that you described, at least to me. Re him being a better father that would depend on whether or not he fulfills his parental responsibilities bare minimum however I do think w/o lying and being secretive about whereabouts that will free up emotions quite a bit and be open with the kids if they accept him after learning that. I imagine they will be upset too at least for a certain amount of time though that may well depend on how you react.

I know this is a lot to digest but it's far better it come out in the open than to continue on for x amt. of time while living together. Now you have even more information for your divorce attorney and it should make the process much smoother as I don't think your husband will have a problem paying for whatever given the circumstances (will probably do so out of guilt).

Good luck Judy and maybe you could even get enough $ from this to buy a home at this point while the interest rates are low and property values are too. Think of yourself as your children are older and while they will need a place to visit in the future you may be living alone in a few years so please please do think of yourself.

Editing to add that I'm wondering what's up with the light headedness? Esp. if affecting your ability to type? Be careful today with whatever you're doing esp. if feeling like this and/or please be seen if necessary or call your doctor. It would be too easy to think that it's just the stress of what you're going thru but that could definately be compounding something else. Hope you're staying well hydrated with the weather being what it has been.

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