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Thanks Maria for all your comments , they mean a lot to me. I am still shocked and wonder if this women knows he is married with 4 kids. Pretty rotten of her too. WEll last night he swore that he does not have another account and will continue support. Boy the tears were gone, but back again after learning of his girl. I told him about 4 things he missed in the last 10 days and asked how that is a better father leaving it all up to me . I know this is all hindering my recovery. I told him the car dealership sent all Randy's registration info to the DMV and someone (me) has to go and stand in line to try to find it. He did not volunteer to do that. He had no advice on getting our 16 year old to do her school work and did not volunteer to get her to school at 1 on monday or wednesday when i am able to work. She would not speak to him when he was here , Randy did not either. Actually Jamie didn't either. He called Tim to come downstairs and said on Saturday at 3 he would come and teach him how to parallel park. I have , as with the other 2 drivers done all the instruction.

On Saturday i am going to go and see his aunt that just had her second hip replaced. Her son will be leaving once he gets her settled home from the hospital. Her husband is disabled and required full time care givers. Jeff is very close to his cousin , but you don't see him rushing to help her,. I know she won't let me do anything do to my recent surgery, but i can at least pour her something to drink and get her some thing to eat. I remember those first days on crutches where you cannot carry anything.

I have a hematology appointment today, then Tim has a dentist appointment at 2. I am so tired today, maybe do to whatever was going on yesterday with the lightheadedness. I could have slept later but have a morning appointment. Figures! I have to call first and make sure my lab info from Tuesday is there before i bother going. Wish i could go back to sleep!!

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2012 Hammertoe correction left foot
2012 Revision fusion T-12 thru L5
2012 Revision fusion L4-L5
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