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Default sigh...

I'm so sorry to read how unsupportive or helpful your husband seems to be. I swear I think his money will not take the place of his love however hopefully it will at least be consistant in terms of arrival time/payment. But to ensure that I'd definately get it all in writing legally thru a divorce court. He just doesn't sound very reliable or dependable at least from what I'm reading.

I bet his GF knows he has a wife and 4 children. If he were having to support 4 younger children re child support perhaps the woman wouldn't be in the picture but since your children are older and only one will receive child support for a period that is probably a factor of consideration.

I don't know really because I have never thought like that re hooking up with someone. I had always said I wouldn't marry anyone with children and definately not butt into a relationship in progress whatever it's state tho I did end up marrying someone with a 16 y.o. altho his wife had left him, his son and the country two years after they were married. So she was well out of the picture.

I dunno.. don't understand women that go for married men and men that go for married women still living with their spouses or at least not seperated.

And I've been devastated before so know what that's like and feel for your sadness and shock with regard to your husband's actions. I know you are going to go thru a lot before you feel differently although I'm sure your feelings will change but for now while you're trying to heal from surgery and you're trying to cope with the emotional heave ho you've just had plus all the responsibilites I'm wondering how your husband could be so uncaring even tho he's not committed to the relationship with the family at this point (or so it sounds).

Sounds like your hub has his priorities screwed up and/or pretty much focused on himself. You deserve better!!!!

Ok looking forward to meeting you in person and meanwhile anytime you think I am overstepping my boundries with advice or verbage just say so.. I don't want you to suffer any additional fools! hugs/take care, Maria
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