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Default re beach

I had a call on Monday late about my glasses being ready so knew I was going in the a.m. to pick them up as it's less busy then a bit later in the day at CostCo. Thankfully I got there a bit after it opened but as usual spent more time than I planned there. I figured as much would happen so don't often plan anything after CostCo unless it's another little ride or thing in town and a bit of a rest in between.

I like to get to the dog beach around 11a.m. when I go during the week tho I know parking is probably not such a big issue as compared to the weekend.

Lola also pulls when walking and lately she has been "very difficult!" But last evening she was really "something else" as I was out with a few friends at a local little bistro and we were sitting on the patio having a glass of wine. I had said I was going to leave when the food came because Lola even though she had eaten well enough that day acts like she's never been fed if there is food close by. Sure enough and true to my word she did just that but that wasn't the worse thing she did. One of the other small dogs had wanted to say a "doggie hello" to her in that sniffing bumm way and Lola took Sasha down .. I guess she wasn't in the mood!

Poor little Sasha is a sweet little dog and thankfully she wasn't acting hurt or scared so I think Lola just made a lot of noise with a squealing bark and nip while getting Sasha to understand what was off limits.

There were 5 dogs total.. 3 small ones and 2 bigger ones then the bigger dogs started barking and Lo had to chime in non stop so by then I knew we had to leave. Too bad as it was a nice evening out with the gals chatting and enjoying a nice glass of Shiraz.

Glad to hear you made it to the beach and hopefully you will not pay for trying to get comfortable. I usually just keep walking with Lola and not sit at all though if my feet bother me then I stop. Lo loves the waves so she has a good time walking and running there tho unlike a bigger dog I don't trust her to go off by herself so have to keep up w/her.
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