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Default re quads

Hi Judy,
I don't know about if you've missed your neurontin or ? however I do know that my neuropathies used to be aggravated by activities and also as injections (ESIs) wore off they were more prominant. I had them in my quads, my calves, basically bilaterally down both legs and into my feet as well (burning) tho the gnawing burning deep pain was mostly in my quads and calves and buttocks.

So if you didn't forget your neurontin maybe it's just whatever activity *ies* you've done lately are aggravating whatever is going on or maybe that the injections have completely worn off as well.

Re shifting hip pain it could be that you're compensating quite a bit so while trying to help one side you're overburdening the other or that if any of it is related to your spine at all that perhaps there's a central disc bulge and it can create pain on either side? Don't even know if that is possible tho it sounds reasonable.

RE the benefits remaining w/legal seperation I was pretty certain that would apply to you unless the company was under a certain number of people altho I think the law is governed by state legislature not company policy alone so didn't think the boss would have really any input as long as company wasn't 2 -25 people (and even then not sure if it would make any diff tho re offering WC benefits I think it does).

Always best to check things out as thoroughly as you can because even the attorneys aren't on top of everything but this is your life so you have to be.

And don't underestimate your expenditures or provisions re support! Remember, your husband chose his path and he will have to live with the end results. Don't be gentle as that consideration was not given to you (be practical).

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